Energy Efficiency Investment Fund (EEIF)

Incentives for investments in energy-efficient equipment

Improving the energy efficiency of your organization helps to lower its operating costs and energy consumption, while improving its environmental performance. The EEIF fund provides prescriptive incentives to help you install high-efficiency natural gas heating and water heating equipment, energy-efficient lighting and lighting control improvements, vending improvements, and more. The program also offers incentives for energy assessments, as well as custom incentives for unique energy efficiency projects that do not qualify for a prescriptive grant.

"The Laurel American Legion Post 19 received more than $3,700 to assist with lighting improvements. LED lights save us 15–20% on our utility bills."

-Darryl Potteiger, Finance Officer

Determine Where To Apply

To determine who can help you, check your utility bill.  If you pay a utility tax,  the State of Delaware will assist you with your EEIF application.

For questions about EEIF email: DNREC.EEIF@delaware.gov 

For EEIF application assistance email: eeif.grants@NV5.com

If you do NOT pay a utility tax on your electric bill, Energize Delaware will take your EEIF application.

Now Accepting 2024 Applications

Please call Energize Delaware’s representative AEG at  888-735-1510  or email EnergizeDE@appliedenergygroup.com to start your EEIF application.