Local Government First Responder EV Grants

All  funding for this fiscal year has been allocated.

Energize Delaware  promotes the use of electric vehicles in county and local governments.  Because of this, we created a new program, Grants for Local Government EV Fleets,  funded with five million dollars in the fiscal year 2022-2023.  The grant will help county and local governments purchase electric vehicles (EVs).   

Planning and Funding Your Town’s Electric Vehicle Future

Planning and Funding Your Town’s Electric Vehicle Future Training Video

What Qualifies as an EV?
Electric Riding Lawn Equipment

What is Covered?
Qualifying Electric Vehicles
Feasibility Studies
Charging  Stations
Utility Upgrades
Installations and Related Costs
Special Training for New EV Equipment


The grants were awarded to those  meeting specific selection criteria and application requirements.  All Grant funding has been allocated.

All applications must include new EVs, except those for feasibility studies.  You may apply for a feasibility study and return for an EV grant. We would like to see evidence of sustainability practices within your local government, though not required, it will help during the grant selection process.

If your local government is in an overburdened community or an area with increased levels of air pollution, according to the EPA, we will look favorably during the application review period.  See links:  USDOT   Electric Vehicle Charging Justice40 Map

EV Marking Guidelines