Business Technical Assistance

At no cost, Energize Delaware’s Business Technical Assistance program provides owners of mid-size buildings and their energy efficiency contractors with the technical assistance they need to evaluate the cost-benefit of alternative energy improvements. In addition, both Energize Delaware’s low-cost, long-term commercial loan program and cash incentives are available for qualifying energy efficiency upgrades, e.g., HVAC, LED lighting, and solar.

The program offers  technical assistance services, which are available to mid-size commercial,  and nonprofit buildings (10,000 to 50,000 sq. ft.).

Energize Delaware has retained Sustainable Real Estate Solutions (SRS), which has over a decade experience administering building energy efficiency programs for state governments.  They will use its Energy Performance Improvement Calculator (EPIC™) technology platform to estimate the energy savings, greenhouse gas emissions reduction, and financial impact of alternative high efficiency equipment.

Ideal candidates for technical assistance and Energize Delaware’s attractive financing include:

  • Buildings with HVAC equipment at the end of its useful life can be evaluated to determine the economic impact of high efficiency equipment, including electrification.
  • Buildings with roofing at the end of its useful life can be evaluated to determine the economic impact of adding a solar PV system to the roof replacement project.

To prepare the business case analytics, SRS will collaborate with the building owner and their contractor(s) to collect the specifications and cost of proposed energy improvement equipment. The result is an EPIC-generated report (image below) delivered to the building owner that provides estimated annual and lifetime energy cost savings and operating income impacts.

This EPIC analysis enables the building owner – free of charge – to evaluate the financial impacts of alternative building energy improvements to make a confident investment decision.

To obtain an EPIC enabled cost-benefit analysis for your building’s energy improvement options, contact SRS’s technical assistance team at (203) 880-5300; EPIC@SRSworx.com.

Example of the Energy Performance Improvement Calculator (EPIC)