Energize Delaware Low Interest Commercial Loan Program

This program offers your public, nonprofit or faith-based organization financing options to help save energy through the adoption and installation of end-user energy efficiency measures and customer-sited renewable generation and greenhouse gas reduction measures. The result in savings can lower your bills and reduce the environmental impacts of energy production, delivery and use.

To discuss this program in greater detail or to obtain an application, please contact Tony DePrima, Executive Director, Energize Delaware by phone at 302-883-3048 or by email at tony.deprima@deseu.org.


Program financing is available to all credit-qualified businesses and nonprofits located in existing facilities in the State of Delaware.

Applications may be submitted by cities, towns, counties, other units of government, K-12 schools (public or private), school districts, higher education institutions, hospitals, nursing homes, healthcare institutions, commercial and industrial businesses (for-profit businesses) and nonprofit organizations.

For additional information regarding eligibility; please refer to the DESEU’s Direct Lending Activities – Policies and Procedures Manual.

Loan amounts, financing and terms

Loan amounts can range between $30,000 and $2,000,000 per project for businesses and are based on availability of funds. No more than $2,000,000 shall be outstanding to any one borrower. Interest rates will be determined by the Loan Committee and shall range between 50 and 120% of Municipal Bond Yields for 20 year bonds with AA rating.

Terms shall be either:

  • The lessor of simple payback plus one year, or 10 years for amounts above $25,000; five years for amounts less than $25,000.
  • A term that is justified by the projected cash flow where an energy savings performance contract model is used up to 20 years.

Minimum requirements

  • Energy efficiency measures must be justified by an energy assessment. Renewable energy projects require a feasibility study.
  • Contractors must meet requirements for Energize Delaware’s Responsible Contractor Policy and the State of Delaware’s prevailing wage rates for mechanics and/or laborers contract greater than $50,000.
  • Applicant must demonstrate the ability to repay the loan as evidenced by review of credit history, financial statements, and bank and trade references.
  • For energy efficiency projects, savings over the weighted useful life of the measures must be greater than the cost of the measures including financing.
  • Clean Vehicle Options include the purchase, lease or retrofit of alternatively fueled vehicles, electric vehicles and charging stations, as well as alternative fueling infrastructure.
  • Applicant must demonstrate the ability to repay the loan or lease as evidenced by review of credit history, financial statements, and bank and trade references.


Eligibility Activities

  • Installation of eligible measures in or on a building or site owned or leased by the applicant.
  • Conducting an energy efficiency audit.
  • Code-related repair and health and safety measures that are required to secure the energy savings of the project.


Interest rates will vary based on application type and are subject to change.