Solar for School Districts Grant

All funding for this fiscal year has been allocated.

Energize Delaware’s Solar for School Districts Grant  Program offers  districts across the state the opportunity to go solar.  Schools  may use grants for feasibility studies, installation, array components and the cost of utility upgrades.


Application Requirements

  • School must be within a Delaware public school district
  • Apply for ground, roof or carport mounted solar array
  • Energize Delaware reserves all rights to deny applications at our discretion.
  • Accompanied by a feasibility study
  • Schools will be required to report production on an annual basis
  • Successful Grantees will be offered a contract with Energize Delaware that will set forth in detail the terms of the grant.
  • Grants will be active for a period of 24 months after the funding has been allocated and the grant has been approved by Energize Delaware. Grant extensions will require pre-approval by Energize Delaware.