Energy Efficiency Investment Fund (EEIF) for Non Profits

Incentives for investments in energy-efficient equipment

We are now accepting 2024 applications!

Energize Delaware administers the Energy Efficiency Investment Fund for Non-Profits (EEIF for Non-Profits) to support non-residential facilities to install energy-efficient equipment, systems, and controls. EEIF for Non-Profits grants are available to Delaware non-profit organizations that do not pay Public Utility Tax (PUT) for electricity and gas.

We are living in a time when improving the energy efficiency of buildings is important to help to lower  operating costs and energy consumption, while improving environmental performance. The EEIF fund provides prescriptive incentives to help you install high-efficiency natural gas heating and water heating equipment, energy-efficient lighting and lighting control improvements, vending improvements, and more. The program also offers incentives for energy assessments, as well as custom incentives for unique energy efficiency projects that do not qualify for a prescriptive grant.

"The Laurel American Legion Post 19 received more than $3,700 to assist with lighting improvements. LED lights save us 15–20% on our utility bills."

-Darryl Potteiger, Finance Officer

Types of Nonprofit EEIF Grants

There are two types of grants for nonprofit organizations: Prescriptive and Custom.

Prescriptive Improvement Grants

Prescriptive Improvement Grants cover three types of projects: lighting and lighting controls, commercial foodservice appliances, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), which includes natural gas heating and water heating equipment. If you install qualifying Prescriptive equipment, you can submit for the grant after installation.

Custom Improvement Grants
(Pre-approval must be obtained BEFORE beginning work)

Custom Improvement Grants apply to more complex measures that are not included or are more comprehensive than the equipment funded by Prescriptive Improvement Grants. An energy savings estimate must be submitted, which the EEIF for Non-profits staff will review. You must apply for the Custom Improvement Grant BEFORE starting work so we can verify whether your project qualifies.

Potential Upgrades

  • Building envelope
  • Chillers and boilers
  • Combustion controls
  • Compressed air systems
  • Demand control ventilation
  • Energy management systems
  • Heat recovery
  • HVAC systems
  • Insulation and weatherization
  • Lighting power density improvements
  • Plug load controls
  • Process and manufacturing improvements
  • Pumping systems
  • Service water heating improvements
  • Steam systems
  • Variable speed drives
  • Whole building deep energy retrofits

Determine Where To Apply

To determine who can help you, check your utility bill.  If you pay a utility tax,  the State of Delaware will assist you with your EEIF application.

If you do NOT pay a utility tax on your electric bill, you are in the right place.  Energize Delaware will take your EEIF application.  Continue below at How to Apply.

How do you know if you pay the public utility tax? Click here for examples.

For questions about EEIF for business email: DNREC.EEIF@delaware.gov  For EEIF application assistance email: eeif.grants@NV5.com

Eligible Nonprofit Organizations

Non-residential facilities that do not pay Public Utility Tax (PUT)  on electric or natural gas utility bill.

How To Apply

Application Checklist

You will need to have the following to apply:

  • Recent electric or gas utility bills (within past 3 months)
  • Verify your equipment qualifies for  program rebates
  • Itemized quotes, estimates, or proposals
  • Copy of completed W-9 Form.
  • Copies of paid project invoices. (for Prescriptive Improvement Grant measures only)


Start Your Application

  1. Download and complete 2024 EEIF for Non-Profits application form.  Be sure to review the EEIF for Non-profits rebate list to confirm that your equipment qualify.
  2. Download and provide project details in the spreadsheet(s) relevant to your project,
  1. Submit your application package along with a signed and updated W-9 form and project invoices for prescriptive measures to EnergizeDE@appliedenergygroup.com. Measures for Custom improvement grant must be pre-approved, please contact the program before starting your project.



Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about EEIF’s program offerings? Please see a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) below.


How do I apply?

You can download our application form and begin gathering the information needed to process your application. If you have questions during this process, you can contact us at 888-735-1510 or EnergizeDE@appliedenergygroup.com and a program representative will assist you.

We pay the Public Utility Tax (PUT), can I still apply?

Yes, you will need to contact DNREC to proceed with an application.

What documents do we need to provide?

It will be helpful if you provide a copy of a utility statement issued within the last three months, as well as any invoices for installed measures. If we need additional information, we will be in contact with you after you have submitted your application.

Contact Us

Please call Energize Delaware’s representative AEG at  888-735-1510  or email EnergizeDE@appliedenergygroup.com if you have additional questions about the program or the application process.