Energy Efficiency Investment Fund (EEIF) for Business

Incentives for investments in energy-efficient equipment

The State of Delaware’s Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) administers  the  Energy Efficiency Investment Fund (EEIF) for Businesses.

They offer four rebates pathways that support non-residential facilities in replacing inefficient equipment with upgrades energy efficient alternatives.

  1. Energy Assessment Rebates
  2. Prescriptive Improvement Rebates
  3. Custom Improvement Rebates
  4. Combined Heat and Power Rebates


Eligible customers

Non-residential facilities that pay a Public Utility Tax (PUT)  on electric or natural gas utility bill.

To determine who can help you, check your utility bill.  If you pay a utility tax,  the State of Delaware will assist you with your EEIF application.

For questions about EEIF email: DNREC.EEIF@delaware.gov 

For EEIF application assistance email: eeif.grants@NV5.com

If you are a nonprofit organization and do NOT pay a utility tax go to Energize Delaware’s EEIF for non profits.

If you do NOT pay a utility tax on your electric bill, Energize Delaware will take your EEIF application.

Contact Us

For additional information contact the program implementer, NV5, at 802-482-5645 or DCCE.EnergyRebates@NV5.com