August 26, 2022

Delaware’s only Zero Energy modular home has won the Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Home™ award in August. Then was awarded grand prize at the Energy & Environmental Building Alliance High Performance Home Building summit in Arizona in September. The Department of Energy (DOE) presented the ZeMod and Beracah Homes with the affordable homes category at the 2022 Housing Innovation Awards ceremony.   The DOE  said this is the highest honor builders can receive for constructing zero-energy-ready homes. The ZeMod is Energize Delaware’s Zero Energy program in partnership with Milford Housing Development Corporation (MHDC), Beracah Homes, Inc. and Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC).

ZeMod homes are designed to produce nearly as much energy as they annually use. The ZeMod program makes them affordable for low-to-moderate income people though grants and down-payment assistance.
The ZeMod comes complete with ENERGY STAR® appliances; exceptional air sealing; high performance windows and doors, super insulated envelope; indoor air quality monitoring with fresh air ventilation, built in dehumidification, high-efficiency HVAC and hot water systems; healthy low-VOC building materials, and solar panels on the roof.

“Our ZeMod program was designed to create an energy-efficient home for low-to-moderate income families. It makes high utility bills nonexistent. We are happy the Department of Energy has honored our program with the award,” said Tony DePrima, Executive Director of Energize Delaware.
Russell Huxtable, Vice President & COO of MHDC, said, “We are happy that the ZeMod won this award. Our mission is to provide affordable zero energy modular homes, which meet the highest standards of energy efficiency, indoor air quality, comfort and durability.”
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