January 10, 2022

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®

Energize Delaware’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® (HPwES) program has assisted over 10,000 Delawareans improve their energy efficiency. Annually participants receive an average incentive of $1481 per project and save an average of $300 on their energy bills. Combined, those Delawareans save over $3 million annually on energy costs. How was that done? This program provides a comprehensive home energy assessment and energy efficiency upgrades at significantly reduced prices.

Tony DePrima, Executive Director of Energize Delaware said, “This is our most popular program and one that has significant impact for participating Delaware residents.  Keeping people warm in the winter or cool in sweltering summer heat and saving them money on their utility bills is the purpose of this program. Making a home more energy-efficient reduces homeowners’ costs.”

What is a home energy assessment and why is it important? An assessment is a whole-house approach done by an energy auditor that determines how a home may be losing energy then suggests ways to improve the efficiency and comfort and save you money.

The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program looks at the efficiency of heating and cooling systems, windows, doors, roof and wall insulation, water heating, lighting, appliances, air infiltration and ventilation and foundation insulation. The auditor also installs up to $200 of FREE LED light bulbs at the end of the energy assessment. Then a comprehensive report is given to the homeowner with suggested improvements. Once a home is audited, a homeowner can take advantage of various rebates on specific types of weatherization, air sealing, and heating and cooling equipment installed by a participating program contractor.

Homeowners now pay only $50 for a home energy assessment through June 30, 2022.

Robert Hall of Hockessin had a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR assessment done on his home and said, “I like to thank everyone for following up with my inquiries in reference to the programs offered. I am deeply moved by such collaborative services and how agencies are working together for the good of Delawareans in need of assistance. I am equally grateful to everyone involved in the application process and to those who administer the services.”

Another program that assists lower-income families is the Assisted Home Performance program which offers an audit for $25 to – income-eligible homeowners. In addition, when weatherization measures are completed, homeowners can receive rebates.

As Delawareans become conscious of their energy footprint, the number of home energy audits is increasing. Homeowners can schedule an energy audit at www.energizedelaware.org/residential/home-performance-with-energy-star/ homeowners/   for more information or to schedule an audit, call 877-524-1339.


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