February 22, 2021

Energize Delaware is excited to announce the launch of their Virtual Home Energy Assessment. This online tool is designed to provide Delawareans with a quick and easy method to virtually determine if their home could benefit from energy efficiency upgrades. After entering basic information about their home and energy usage habits, the customer is provided with a customized report. The report includes tips and low-cost actions they can take to maximize energy savings, which translates to cost savings.

Energize Delaware believes the Virtual Home Energy Assessment is a great fit with their mission of helping Delawareans to reduce their energy use and save money on their utility bills.  During this time when everyone is spending more time in their home, you may be noticing areas that are uncomfortable or realizing your inefficient heating cooling equipment may need to be replaced.  The Virtual Home Energy Assessment to is a first step to identify some low-cost solutions to save money and improve your home’s comfort in a safe no contact manner.  The Virtual Home Energy Assessment tool can be accessed by visiting https://www.energizedelaware.org/residential/free-virtual-assessment/.

The customer has the option to set up an action plan for themselves, so they can work on achieving their goals at their convenience. They can also schedule a whole house assessment from Energize Delaware if they choose a more in-depth in person energy assessment from one of our professional energy auditors. More information can be found by visiting  https://www.energizedelaware.org/residential

“To maximize energy efficiency efforts and savings, the virtual assessment tool helps customers understand where they stand now, and where the best opportunities exist” said Tony DePrima, Executive Director for Energize Delaware. “Knowledge is power, and by better understanding your home and your energy usage, you can make informed decisions on how to become more efficient, help the environment and save on utility costs in the process. We are excited to offer this safe virtual option to all Delawareans, especially during this difficult time.”

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