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May 11, 2022

 The drive for cleaner, greener and energy efficiency has never been stronger. Energize Delaware has been making Delawareans’ energy dreams come true with various programs helping people become more energy-efficient and graduate to renewable energy.

 Who is Energize Delaware?

Energize Delaware is the name used to represent all of the programs and initiatives offered by the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility, Inc (SEU), a nonprofit corporation created by the State of Delaware to promote the sustainable use of energy. By design, it is a forward-sighted endeavor that makes a difference in Delaware’s energy consumption.

 Energize Delaware’s programs are funded by the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). Delaware is one of the eleven states that joined the Initiative to protect human health and ecosystems. It accurately predicted the program would incent the creation and deployment of more efficient fuel burning technologies, renewable energy resources, and end-use energy efficiency. 

 Money paid into the RGGI fund is to remediate excessive carbon pollution principally paid by natural gas and coal power plants in the northeast. It is not a tax, as some assume and electric companies do not pay it. An independent analysis in Energy Economics found, “RGGI is playing a key role in power sector emissions reductions.” (Murray/Maniloff 2015). In addition, a report from Columbia University found that the co-benefits of RGGI (reductions of fine particulate matter emissions) improve children’s health outcomes, including reduced incidence of asthma, autism, premature birth, and low birth weights.

 Because of the RGGI fund, Energize Delaware receives 65% of the state’s allotted allocation and has established a firm footing as the comprehensive source for Delawareans looking for green energy sources and to improve the energy efficiency of their homes, businesses, nonprofits, schools, communities, and faith-based organizations. This means that Energize Delaware is making a huge difference in the lives of many Delawareans. But, you may be wondering how they do it. It is done through grants, low-interest loans, and technical assistance. 

 Because the RGGI income has been rising, Energize Delaware is currently evaluating new opportunities to partner with small businesses, libraries, school districts, state agencies, public colleges, EV fleets, and more. They are also expanding existing programs, many for homeowners. 

 Why do we need Energize Delaware programs?

 Energize Delaware has a number of long-running programs that have saved Delawareans over the last two years over $1.5 million annually. When we look at the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction over the same period, the average avoided is nearly 70,000 tons at $477.47/ton annually. This is an important benefit of reducing our energy consumption.

 Energize Delaware’s programs range from creating awareness of a household’s energy consumption to giving low-interest loans for residential and commercial energy efficiency and renewable upgrades. They also help low-income households by connecting them to assistive programs. Something else, the Energize Delaware Empowerment Grant and the Energy Equity Fund were created to establish programs and new nonprofit partnerships to help underserved or low-income households.

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