January 17, 2023

Delaware’s nineteen public school districts can now apply for a grant to add solar energy systems to one or more schools in their district.  The NEW program offering at least $500,000 per public school district was launched by Energize Delaware in a meeting to motivate schools to reduce their energy costs.  

The program allows each Delaware Public School District to select one or more school to install a solar system to reduce their energy consumption.  To aide in that selection each District must submit a feasibility study, funded by the grant, to select the most advantageous location for the Solar System. The system can be either roof, ground, or carport mounted.  The districts also have the option to add batteries to their system.  The funds can be further used for utility/meter upgrades, safety barriers, and signage.

Schools will retain ownership of their Solar renewable energy credits (SRECs).

The Executive Director of Energize Delaware, Tony DePrima said, “Energize Delaware’s Mission is to inspire sustainable energy solutions for a thriving environment and economy. School districts use a lot of energy and the savings will lower their expenses for the benefit of everyone.”

Districts across the state at no cost to them or taxpayers may download a grant application at www.EnergizeDelaware.org/solar-for-school-districs-grant/.  Contact Keith Modzelewski at 302-883-3048 x111 for additional information.


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