April 6, 2017

DOVER, DELAWARE, April 6, 2017 – The Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility (DESEU), in partnership with non-profit organizations New Ecology, Inc. and Elevate Energy, is launching the Energize Delaware Affordable Multifamily Housing Program today. The program will help multifamily building owners identify, plan, and implement energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades in existing buildings and new construction projects.  The program benefits include reduced energy use and utility costs for owners and tenants, healthier living environments for low-income residents, and expanding energy-savvy, green building practices throughout the Delaware economy.

“The DESEU is excited to launch this new program to deliver the benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy more broadly in low- and moderate-income communities,” says the DESEU’s Executive Director, Tony DePrima. “We are thrilled to combine DESEU’s resources and our partners’ expertise to cut the utility bills of low- and moderate-income families and building owners while expanding Delaware’s clean energy economy.”

The Affordable Multifamily Housing Program will provide technical assistance, financial incentives, and low interest loans to help owners plan and implement energy upgrades. Eligible properties must have 5 or more units, with households having incomes less than 80% of the Area Median Income.

Applicants will be offered deeply-subsidized comprehensive energy assessments, financial incentives, and low-interest loans to improve building performance while reducing energy use. Where feasible, the program will support design and installation of renewable energy systems, such as solar PV, solar-thermal, or geo-thermal. Water-saving measures will also be eligible.

“We look forward to helping Delawareans create a best-in-the-nation program to make affordable multifamily properties more efficient, durable, healthier, and climate-resilient”, observed Ed Connelly, President of New Ecology, Inc.

“The benefits of energy efficiency should reach everyone, particularly energy burdened low- and moderate-income families,” said Abigail Corso, Chief Program Officer for Elevate Energy. “We’ve preserved more than 30,000 affordable housing units across the nation, and we’re excited to bring energy savings to Delaware families, too.”

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  • DESEU has launched a new Energize Delaware program for Affordable Multifamily Housing Communities.
  • Program provides building owners with technical assistance, financial incentives, and low-interest loans to owners of Affordable Multifamily buildings with more than 5 units.
  • DESEU has partnered with New Ecology, Inc. and Elevate Energy, nationally-recognized experts in multifamily building energy performance, to administer the program.

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