June 6, 2018

In a Doctoral Hooding Convocation ceremony held Friday, May 25 at the University of Delaware, Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility (DESEU) Executive Director Anthony DePrima received his Doctorate of Urban Affairs and Public Policy.  An audience of over 1,000 guests witnessed a record 321 doctoral degrees awarded, according to UD’s Office of Graduate & Professional Education.  Dr. DePrima was one of only four graduates of the 2018 class to be awarded the Urban Affairs and Public Policy degree.

Joining a select group of 2% of American citizens to hold a doctorate degree, DePrima earned his new status while continuing full-time work as the executive director of the DESEU.

“It’s about a passion for learning and a passion for public service,” DePrima wrote in his acceptance remarks. “It is that passion that carried me through this experience while working full time and it is that same passion that will allow me to share what I have learned with others, hopefully for a better world.”  DePrima also thanked his wife and family for never questioning why he would pursue this degree after an already long career in public service.

All 2018 doctoral graduates were encouraged by UD President Dennis Assanis to invest their knowledge and creativity in service to the world.  “You are now leaders in the never-ending quest to increase human understanding. Your creation of knowledge finds its highest purpose when it enriches lives, strengthens communities and helps us build a better world,” Assanis stated.

It is that mantra that Mr. DePrima plans to continue with his work at the DESEU and the “Energize Delaware” initiative. The DESEU is the leading organization in Delaware offering cost effective opportunities for energy savings, the creation of new markets for customer-sited renewable energy generation and in reducing environmental impacts of energy production and use. The DESEU’s efforts will build jobs, improve national security, support the local economy, improve energy reliability and protect Delaware from the damaging effects of volatile energy prices. The DESEU operates at the highest standards recognized in its industry and will accomplish its goals by utilizing both its authority granted by the State of Delaware and private sector entrepreneurial strategies.

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