August 7, 2023

Smyrna- The Delaware Department of Transportation and Energize Delaware held a media event this week at the Smyrna Rest Stop showcasing the newly purchased electric landscaping equipment added to DelDOT’s fleet. The equipment was purchased through a research and development grant from Energize Delaware specifically for DelDOT.

The Grant for $20,444.52 was part of Energize Delaware’s Electric Lawncare Pilot Program, to purchase electric lawn equipment for the Smyrna Rest Area. With this grant, DelDOT was able to purchase new electric landscaping equipment including: 82V 60” Zero Turn Mower, leaf blower, trimmer, and chainsaw.

“We are grateful to Energize Delaware for this grant that provided the funding for this electric landscaping equipment that will be utilized and evaluated by our employees at the Smyrna Rest Area,” said Secretary of Transportation Nicole Majeski. “In support of Governor Carney’s Climate Action Plan for the state, DelDOT continues to look for opportunities to utilize more environmentally friendly, less carbon intense equipment throughout the department, large and small, that will reduce emissions.”

Energize Delaware is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is “Inspiring sustainable energy solutions for a thriving environment and economy.” Their programs help Delawarean’s become more energy efficient.

The Smyrna Rest area was chosen for this Pilot Program as it is a controlled environment off busy roadways, yet encompasses over 70 acres, including restrooms, pavilions, picnic areas, playground, dog park, and visitor information center. This rest stop sees over 400,000 visitors each year.

“We know the future is electric. Energize Delaware created a pilot for DelDOT to present the future of electric lawn equipment and study the similarities and differences between gas and electric.  Electric equipment reduces carbon emissions and noise, in addition to being quicker and allowing more areas to be mowed in the same amount of time,” said Drew Slater, Executive Director of Energize Delaware. “We’re excited to see this pilot get started.”


The purchase of this equipment not only follows the goal in the state’s Climate Action Plan, but this purchase will also greatly benefit the rest area.  This electric equipment will not only provide cleaner air (no fuel fumes), they will also provide a more quiet and peaceful area for those using the Rest Area.

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