October 18, 2022

www.SolarDelaware Is Now Live!

Want to learn more about solar energy? Are you considering adding solar to your home, congregation, nonprofit, or business? Are you a teacher that would like lesson plans on solar energy for your classroom? Solar Delaware Logo

If so, SolarDelaware.org is a resource you can use. The newly developed website is a collaborative effort of environmental, solar, government and energy stakeholders whose expertise guided the process of building the site. This Solar 101 website was the idea of Senator Stephanie Hansen, Chair of Delaware’s Environment & Energy Committee. Energize Delaware picked up the idea and decided to take on the project.

“If you’re wondering whether going solar is the right choice for you, this new website can assist you with your decision,” said Senator Stephanie Hansen. “If you still have questions, you can speak with someone at Energize Delaware, that can help point you in the right direction. This is a new field, and we are all learning together, but we’re fortunate to have our own Delaware experts at Energize Delaware that can step in with guidance.”

SolarDelaware.org takes a different approach to the learning process depending on who you are or your interests regarding solar energy. The main menu of the website has three main categories. “I Am A,” “I’m Interested In,” and “Resources.”

The dropdown menu under the “I Am” category defines who people are. If you are a farmer, you would be taken to a page that would give you information about solar for a farm. A teacher would take you to a page of helpful resources for the classroom. A homeowner, where you would learn about residential solar and community solar. A business, how to get solar for your business.

The “I’m Interested In” dropdown takes readers to various sections like Learning About Solar; Community Solar; Grants, Incentives and Financing; SRECs; Owning vs. Leasing, and more.

Delawareans can review a lot of helpful information on the website’s “Resource” dropdown. These important resources will help you determine if your utility will support solar, which is essential before you take the solar leap. The site will help you know who the solar installers are in Delaware and teach you about Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs). You can also become familiar with common solar vocabulary. Something else, the consumer protection section gives some tips to help your solar experience be a good one.

“Energize Delaware was happy to provide the funding for SolarDelaware.org. It is an educational tool anyone interested in solar energy can use,” said Tony DePrima, Executive Director of Energize Delaware. The SolarDelaware.org website is a valuable tool that helps Delawareans navigate all things related to solar in Delaware. Energize Delaware is excited to announce its launch!

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