May 4, 2023

On April 26, 2023, Energize Delaware  hosted training for nearly seventy contractors and energy auditors from across Delaware.

The training focused on how energy-efficiency can make a difference in Delaware through our contractor and auditor partners. The participants were experts in home energy assessments, weatherization including crawlspace encapsulation, insulation, air sealing professionals along with HVAC installers. Energize Delaware is honed-in on workforce development as it relates to sustainable,  energy solutions.

The contractors participate in Energize Delaware’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program (HPwES), the Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® (AHPwES) and/or the Home Energy Counseling and Check-up Program (HEC2). These programs help Delawareans change the way they use energy at home.

Energize Delaware programs begin with an energy assessment. The assessment is the way to determine a home’s energy issues which can cause higher utility bills. The contractors attending the “All Hands” meeting are trained professionals; they know what to look for and how to make a home more energy efficient. When a homeowner has an energy assessment by a trained energy auditor, they get a detailed report based on the energy efficiency of a home and a list of program participating contractors. Homeowners learn a lot about their home and, in fact, details they may never have known.

After the assessment, if a homeowner wants to move forward, the HPwES Program requires the homeowner to hire a program participating contractor. Energize Delaware then offers the homeowner incentives in the form of rebates on energy efficiency upgrades made to their home as identified through the audit.

Rebates are available for weatherization measures such as insulation, air sealing, crawlspace encapsulation, and energy efficiency equipment upgrades like heat pumps, mini-splits, boilers, furnaces, heat pump water heaters, tankless water heaters, ventilation equipment, and more. The cost of a HPwES assessment is $50.

The AHPwES and the HEC2 program offers low-to moderate-income homeowners and renters (with landlord approval) reduced costs on energy assessments, education, products, and puts them in contact with additional services to assist residents. The cost of these two programs range from $0-$25 depending on income.

To find out more about Energize Delaware Programs or become a participating contractor visit: or call 877-524-1339 to schedule your home energy assessment.

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