January 16, 2024


January 16, 2023

Businesses in Delaware now have help to determine the cost benefit of investing in energy-saving equipment and alternative energy.

The no-cost Energize Delaware program administered by Sustainable Real Estate Solutions (SRS), will estimate energy savings, greenhouse gas emissions reduction and the financial impact of installing high efficiency equipment.  In other words,  it will answer the question, ‘Will alternative energy or high efficiency HVAC or LED lighting save the business money.

Drew Slater, Executive Director of Energize Delaware said, “Our mission is to help Delaware become more energy efficient.  By offering, business owners no cost energy-efficiency technical assistance, commercial building owners with 10,000 to 50,000 sq. ft. can know before they invest, if upgrading systems and installing alternative energy options will give them a return on their investment.”

Business owners that need assistance to finance energy-efficiency upgrades can then take advantage of Energize Delaware’s long-term, low-interest loans.  A loan could be used to replace aging HVAC or hot water equipment, replace existing lighting with LED lighting or adding solar panels to a roofing project.

To find out more about commercial building energy improvement options call SRS’s technical team at (203)880-5300 or email EPIC@SRSworx.com

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