Sustainable Energy

The Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility (DESEU) is a unique non-profit organization offering a one-stop resource through its Energize Delaware initiative to help residents and businesses save money through clean energy and efficiency. The DESEU was created in 2007 by the state of Delaware to foster a sustainable energy future for the state. The DESEU model is the first of its kind to be established in the United States, and is being replicated in several other communities around the world.

While most programs have been operating for a short time, the collective action of Delawareans taking advantage of the energy efficiency solutions is adding up to big energy savings. This is particularly important for a state that where per capita energy consumption is higher than uses more energy than its neighbors. Delaware’s leadership was recently recognized by the Alliance to Save Energy, which encouraged other states to adopt comprehensive energy-saving programs like Delaware’s. To download a PDF of our Energize Delaware brochure, click HERE .

Funding Sources

As an independent non-profit, the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility is able to leverage multiple sources of funding to serve Delaware's clean energy needs. Current funding sources for the DESEU include:

  • Tax-exempt bonds and leases
  • Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)
  • Fees and interest on financing
  • Fees for Services

Energize Delaware Program Portfolio

The DESEU is committed to developing end-user programs to support energy efficiency, conservation, and customer-sited renewable energy. These programs, operated under the Energize Delaware name, benefit Delaware homeowners, businesses, farms, non-profits, state and municipal governments, schools, and faith communities. The Program Portfolio Operating Plan provides details about each of the programs, including specific implementation, operational, marketing, and high-level EM&V protocols required for effective delivery.

Strategic Plan for 2015 and Beyond

A new strategic plan for 2015 and beyond was recently finalized and adopted by the DESEU’s Oversight Board. The new plan charts the future course for growth and new sustainable energy programs for homes, businesses, governmental buildings and non-profits. In addition, the new plan includes the organization’s mission, vision, strategic priorities, goals, and key objectives.

Based on research and conclusions that were revealed during the planning process, the DESEU Strategic plan lays out five core initiatives:

  1. Encourage State owned/funded facilities to reduce energy costs by making state-owned facilities more energy efficient
  2. Increase and diversify program offerings to match the varied needs of the marketplace with a focus on residential energy efficiency projects
  3. Increase public awareness of the benefits and resources associated with energy conservation and renewable energy
  4. Increase organizational capacity in marketing/communications to enable the expansion and support of public engagement and educational initiatives
  5. Build a high performance organization so that the DESEU illustrates its worth to the public, thus assuring public confidence in the DESEU remains high

Click here to download a PDF of our Strategic Plan

Here's what some of Delaware's leaders are saying about the importance
clean energy and efficiency:

Gov_Markell_.jpg "The SEU's Energize Delaware is a timely, powerful force to generate savings, jobs, and cleaner air and water. The simple no-and-low-cost steps offered through this one-stop resource add up to big savings at a critical time in our state's economy."

-- Governor Jack Markell

Senator_McDowell_2.jpg "Sustainable energy is the largest, cheapest, cleanest way to save money and create in-state jobs. A tough economy is exactly the right time to take aggressive action toward a sustainable energy future, and everyone can reap the benefits. Through the SEU's Energize Delaware, we can be a model for the rest of the nation and world to follow."

- Senator Harris McDowell III

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