Energy Savings Programs for Public & Non-Profits

Energize Delaware is committed to helping public-sector organizations, non-profits, and faith organizations save energy and money by increasing the energy efficiency of their facilities.

Energize Delaware is committed to helping public-sector organizations and non-profits save energy and money by increasing the energy efficiency of their facilities. Whether it's replacing older equipment with higher efficiency units, acquiring financing for upgrades or providing a comprehensive building approach, we have a program to address your specific needs.

Energize Delaware 2016 Bond Issue

The SEU is now seeking School Districts and State Agencies interested in funding Energy Savings Performance Contracts through a bond issuance in the fall of 2016. Letters of interest can be sent via email to or you can call (302) 883-3048 to discuss possible participation.

Energize Delaware Revolving Loan Program

The Energize Delaware Low Interest Revolving Loan Program provides loan up to $1,000,000 per facility to reduce the costs of energy efficiency upgrades, saving you money now and into the future.

Energize Delaware Performance Contracting Program

The Performance Contracting Program is a comprehensive energy saving program directed at schools, universities, municipalities, hospitals and other non-profits and privately held institutions. The program provides a comprehensive approach to assess energy use and to implement energy and water efficiency improvement projects by providing contractual and financing mechanisms to execute the upgrades with minimal financial risk.

Delaware Pathways to Green Schools

DESEU and the Delaware Valley Green Building Council have teamed up to reduce energy costs and foster the growth of sustainability initiatives in Delaware's Schools.

In this DESEU-funded program, eights schools were selected to receive an IAC (University of Delaware Industrial Assessment Center) energy audit. The schools were provided guidance on using Energy Start Portfolio Manager as well as guidance on implementing two to four environmental and health education programs for students. Schools that complete the program will receive monetary achievement awards from the DESEU of $1000 and the school that saves the most energy will receive a $10,000 grand prize.

Energy Assessment Program for Non-profits and Government Agencies

medmedIAC_Logo1_1.png The Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility recently partnered with the University of Delaware’s award-winning Industrial Assessment Center to fund energy assessments for non-residential buildings operated by non-profits and government agencies in Delaware. An energy assessment is an important first step in understanding your energy usage – putting you on the path to save money on your monthly electricity and natural gas bills. Energy Audits can help find trouble spots that can be fixed to make your building more energy efficient and comfortable.

Solar Resiliency Pilot Program medSolarEnergyPic.jpg

The DESEU is promoting renewable energy technologies that provide the dual benefit of on-site renewable generation and backup power, consistent with the State’s priority of enhancing resiliency and sustainability. DESEU Director Tony DePrima believes that, "This is an amazing opportunity that has no out of pocket costs for the facility, and reduces a facility's carbon footprint while offering educational and intuitional leadership opportunities to Delaware schools and emergency response facilities."

In the aftermath of recent severe storms there is a growing awareness and need for increased reliability on Delaware’s electric grid. Historically, when the electric grid is down all solar projects are off-line as well. However, recent innovations allow the solar systems to continue to generate electricity, even when the grid with all approved safeguards is in place. With this type PV/battery back-up system the battery will recharge itself from energy derived from the sun. This will mitigate the issues seen in recent storms including the cost, supply and delivery of fuel for traditional emergency generators.

Faith Efficiencies Partnership

Delaware Interfaith Power & Light (DeIPL) was awarded a contract by the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility to administer an energy audit, remediation and education program geared to small to mid-sized houses of worship throughout the state of Delaware. That program has been titled Faith Efficiencies.

The mandate of the DESEU is to foster a sustainable energy future for the State of Delaware. The mission of the DeIPL is to rally faith communities to address causes and impacts of climate change. Our shared goal is to empower religious institutions, and their individual members, to adopt creative and effective energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy strategies .

To Learn mrore about the Faith Efficiancies Program, click HERE.

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