Energize Delaware Farm Program

The Energize Delaware Farm Program helps producers like you secure loans up to $2 Million and grants up to $100,000 towards the installation of efficiency measures.

EnSave, an energy and environmental services company, assists in providing energy audits that deliver a customized roadmap for implementing energy efficiency improvements on your property.

Equipment eligible for incentives may include energy-efficient lighting and HVAC, poultry house insulation, variable speed drives, irrigation pump replacement, and so much more!

The Energize Delaware Farm Program provides:

  • Energy audits arranged by EnSave
  • Cash incentives for qualifying equipment
  • Project installation support
  • Support accessing additional financial assistance
  • Low-interest loans (a fixed 3% rate for Farm Program participants)

How to Apply

The process is simple and an EnSave representative will help you through each step, from application through implementation. Call us today at 800-732-1399 to take advantage of this program or fill out the form by clicking below.