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Issue 19 | June 2020

Welcome to Energize Delaware!

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Energize Delaware’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program takes a whole-house approach to reducing a home’s energy use while improving its comfort, durability and safety. Instead of tackling energy problems individually, such as replacing an old heating and cooling system or fixing leaky ductwork, Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® looks at a home as one system and recommends comprehensive improvements for better results.


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Reminder: All program questions from homeowners (such as billing and rebate inquiries) should be directed to 877-524-1339 or

Advantage in a Lower Sticker Price!

As the doors begin to open back up and we are greeted with a rapidly approaching Summer (June 20th!), we can all expect that we’ll be turning on our air conditioners to near full-time duty. Many Delawareans will find that their system just isn’t cutting it or is costing them significant dollars to run. Of course, I don’t need to tell the professionals about summer-season work, our contractors know it all too well. The program loves to see our participating contractors being busy and helping us connect our homeowners with our incentive program – especially now when it is needed the most.

Telling a homeowner that they’re saving money AND energy (which is saving more money) is always a winning option, but there is another advantage our program offers savvy contractors. That one extra little advantage our program offers is the ability to take ownership of the incentive from the homeowner giving them a lower ‘out of pocket’ cost to look at. When a heating & cooling system’s incentive can range from $500 (Tier 1 central air conditioning) all the way to $1,500 (Tier 2-Assisted Hybrid heat pump) taking that amount off the customer’s shoulders can turn one of many proposals into that sale.

The observant reader might have also noticed that I mentioned our Assisted Home Performance program just now. The Assisted schedule of rebates is offered to homeowners with limited income and offer significantly higher incentives. It does require a simple submission of an application but the process is incredibly quick and with a glance the customer should know if they qualify. While broaching the subject of financials is always a bit awkward it's important to provide your customer as much value as possible, especially if they need that help in these times.


How Contractors Can Adapt the New "Low Touch" World

Article from Energy Circle online

Could you use some ideas of how to market without face-to-face interactions? Does your company use digital software? Safety is a top priority in all areas of life but especially if you work around consumers. Our changing environment in an indication that “low touch” will likely become the norm for some time. Take a moment to review this article specific to marketing and digital media for marketing your business. 

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Leaving No Stone Unturned

Franklin Energy and Energize Delaware would like to recognize Larry Calio with Independence Power Solutions for the exemplary energy assessments he provides our Home Performance customers. Larry’s reports always paint a clear picture of a home’s existing conditions and where the opportunities lie for cost-effective energy improvements. His thoroughness and commitment to customer service have earned him nothing but positive feedback from his clients.

Incorporating on-site photos of his findings into his assessment reports help Larry’s customers feel engaged within the home assessment experience. Providing photos of those hard-to-reach places not only shows a customer that you care, but also represents our program’s ‘whole-house’ approach to effective home evaluations.

Allowing his diagnostic testing to drive his recommendations, Larry makes it a point to translate his findings in a way that can be easily digested by his customers. Understanding your audience and presenting your evaluations in a comprehensible manner will build trust and empower your customers to take those next steps. Larry’s attention to detail is evident as he rarely misses a direct-install opportunity amongst those high-use areas. Capitalizing on the low-hanging fruit during your home visits is a great way to spark customer interest and capture energy savings right out of the gate!      

Way to go Larry, keep up the good work!

Check out some of Larry’s on-site photos below:

DESEU june newsletter_image1                  DESEU june newsletter_image2

Insulation opportunity at the attic hatch.                                  Air sealing opportunities in the seams of the wall-tops in the attic floor.

DESEU june newsletter_image3                      DESEU june newsletter_image4

Strong air connection between the living space and the                Draftiness under a door frame.
outside through the knee walls. 

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