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Issue 20 | August 2020

Welcome to Energize Delaware!

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Energize Delaware’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program takes a whole-house approach to reducing a home’s energy use while improving its comfort, durability and safety. Instead of tackling energy problems individually, such as replacing an old heating and cooling system or fixing leaky ductwork, Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® looks at a home as one system and recommends comprehensive improvements for better results.


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Reminder: All program questions from homeowners (such as billing and rebate inquiries) should be directed to 877-524-1339 or

Limited Time Offers EXTENDED!!!

Thank you to all the Trade Allies that have been actively selling the Limited-Time Incentives and made them such a success. The feedback from customers and trade allies has been overwhelmingly positive. The Energize Delaware Team is pleased to announce the extension of these incentives through December 31, 2020

Please continue sharing these great deals with customers and continue sending in customer feedback. Furthermore, we would love to get more pictures/testimonials of satisfied customers during your site visits and test-outs as they help to promote the program further and demonstrate its effectiveness.

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2020 BPWG Results Are In!

The final election results are in for the 2020 Best Practices Working Group committee (BPWG). The Energize Delaware team would like to congratulate the newly elected members that will represent all participating contractors as the Best Practices Working Group.

This group will meet on several occasions with the Energize Delaware staff to help answer questions, make suggestions as well as bring new ideas to the table to help shape and improve the program.

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Contractor Scorecard Update

The program would like to have our contractors know to keep an eye out for our next scorecard release shortly. This scorecard will include Key Performance Indicators from the beginning of the year to the end of July and nothing from prior. The ‘standalone’ feature of these scorecards is an intentional design to ensure every contractor can respond to the feedback in an immediately rewarding way. We highly recommend any contractor to reach out to us upon the release of these results if there are any questions about the results and ways to improve for the next one to be published at the end of the year.

PPE Resource

Any Trade Allies having difficulty getting PPE, click this link provided by Delaware’s Small Business Association for available resources.

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Virtual Workshops 

Every Thursday at 2 p.m. 

on Energize Delaware’s Facebook page  

Upcoming Topics include:

  • Learn about Efficiency Smart for DEMEC Customers
  • Details of the Home Performance Program
  • What is a Blower Door test
  • Announcing the winner(s) of the Empowerment Grant

View Past Workshop Recordings:

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Healthy Homes from the Ground Up

Franklin Energy and Energize Delaware would like to recognize Seaside Environmental for providing Delaware communities with healthier homes and peace of mind by way of their trademark crawlspace encapsulations. Nick Luzak founded Seaside Environmental in 2014, after working within the crawlspace industry alongside his father, Allen, from the age of 14 years old. The two of them continue to partner together within our Home Performance Program. Developing Seaside’s system of encapsulation over the years, Nick’s attention to detail and overall understanding of the science behind the crawl space enables him to offer his customer’s a full-proof solution to any of their crawlspace needs.

A healthy home starts at the foundation. In the Mid-Atlantic region, vented crawlspaces are the dominant foundation type and create an environment that is conducive to mold growth. Mold growth is a major contributor to indoor air quality issues within the living space. By encapsulating the crawlspace and eliminating moisture sources, the house itself becomes healthier, providing its occupants with a much healthier home.

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