Solar Thermal Program - Renewable Energy Programs

The Energize Delaware Solar Thermal Program provides non-residential building owners grants for the installation of solar thermal systems.

The Energize Delaware Solar Thermal Program is part of the State of Delaware's Green Grant Program . The program is open to non-residential and non-profit customers anywhere in Delaware regardless of utility juristiction.

General Program Limits

  • Rebate up to $200,000
  • Project limit set at 80% of thermal load
  • The rebate cannot exceed 30% of the project cost

Rebate Amount:

  • Non-residential: $0.65 per kWh saved
  • Non-profit: $1.00 per kWh saved

Eligibility Requirements:

  • OG-300 certification by the Solar Rating and Certification (SRCC); or
  • Energy savings calculated by licensed Delaware professional engineers

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Modern Maturity Solar Thermal System

The Modern Maturity Center in Dover received a grant for a solar thermal system installed in 2015. The system is being used to heat their pool using solar energy.