Solar Thermal Program - Renewable Energy Programs

The Energize Delaware Solar Thermal Program provides non-residential building owners grants for the installation of solar thermal systems.

As of February 28, 2018, the program is closed to new applications until further notice. The funding for Fiscal Year 2018 has been allocated to approved or pending applicants. Participating Contractors registered with the Delaware Division of Energy and Climate will be notified via email should additional funding be allocated to the program.

The Energize Delaware Solar Thermal Program is part of the State of Delaware's Green Grant Program . The program is open to non-residential and non-profit customers anywhere in Delaware regardless of utility juristiction.

General Program Limits

  • Rebate up to $200,000
  • Project limit set at 80% of thermal load
  • The rebate cannot exceed 30% of the project cost

Rebate Amount:

  • Non-residential: $0.65 per kWh saved
  • Non-profit: $1.00 per kWh saved

Eligibility Requirements:

  • OG-300 certification by the Solar Rating and Certification (SRCC); or
  • Energy savings calculated by licensed Delaware professional engineers

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Modern Maturity Solar Thermal System

The Modern Maturity Center in Dover received a grant for a solar thermal system installed in 2015. The system is being used to heat their pool using solar energy.