After your Home Performance with ENERGY STAR ® audit is complete, your program-approved contractor will recommend a variety of energy efficiency improvements for your home that may qualify for rebates of up to $6,750* (Up to $7,825** through 12/31/2017 with the inclusion of HVAC measures in your Home Performance upgrades). Your program-approved contractor or Energy Advisor will submit a rebate reservation on your behalf to ensure funds are available.

Through the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program, more than 5,000 Delaware property owners have taken advantage of the program to lower their energy costs and make their homes safe and more comfortable.

Rebate-Eligible Measures

Rebates are available for property owners, including rental property owners, who complete an energy audit conducted by a program-approved auditor/contractor.  The property owner and their selected program-approved auditor/contractor must review the energy audit report which details a prioritized list of energy improvements/upgrades.  After this review, the selected program-approved auditor/contractor will make a rebate reservation on behalf of the property owner to secure the rebates for the selected rebate-eligible work. Property owner must receive a rebate reservation confirmation before beginning any work.

This program does allow for emergency HVAC installations prior to getting an audit completed – discuss with your selected program-approved auditor/contractor before installing new HVAC equipment to make sure you are installing rebate-eligible equipment in compliance with program requirements.

  • Rebates are capped at 50% of the total installed cost up to the incentive level indicated; whichever is lower.
  • Excludes geothermal heat pumps. Visit for more information on available geothermal heat pump rebates through Delaware's Green Energy Program
    Measure 2017 Rebates Assisted Home Performance & DDD Rebates
    Home Energy Audit $300 $350
    Air Sealing 20% Improvement $675 $900
    Air Sealing 30% Improvement $900 $1,200
    Duct Sealing 20% Improvement $675 $900
    Add R-20 Attic Insulation $750 $1,000
    Add R-30 Attic Insulation $900 $1,200
    Knee Walls $300 $400
    Crawlspace Wall Insulation $600 $800
    Floor Insulation (open crawl) $600 $800
    Rim Joist $150 $200
    Wall Insulation (min 50% of walls) $1,500 $2,000

    HP Tier 1: =>14.5 SEER and => 12 EER
    and => 8.2 HSPF

    $600 $800
    HP Tier 2: =>16 SEER and => 13 EER
    and=> 9 HSPF
    $1,200 $1,600
    CAC Tier 1: => 14.5 SEER and => 12 EER $500 $666.67
    CAC Tier 2: => 16 SEER and => 13 EER $1,000 $1,333.33
    Mini-Split $675 $900
    Furnace Tier 1: => 90 AFUE $500 $666.67
    Furnace Tier 2: => 94 AFUE + ECM Blower Fan $1,000 $1,333.33
    Boiler ≥ 85 AFUE $750 $1,000
    Heat Pump Water Heater from
    Electric Resistance
    $600 $800
    Heat Pump Water Heater from Fossil Fuel $600 $800
    Natural Gas/Propane Tankless Domestic
    Water Heaters
    $600 $800


  • Residential properties located in Delaware containing 4 or less units per building are eligible. Condos and apartments are not eligible.
  • To participate in the program, property owner must receive a home energy audit conducted by an approved Energize Delaware auditor/contractor or Energy Advisor.
  • Rebates are available for installation of qualified energy improvements/upgrades by program-approved contractors (this is not a DIY program - rebates are not awarded for self-installed upgrades).
  • Property owner must receive a rebate reservation confirmation to be eligible for any rebates under this program. DO NOT begin any rebate-eligible upgrades until you have received this rebate reservation confirmation by email.
  • Your program-approved auditor/contractor must submit documentation of your completed rebate-eligible upgrades to the Energize Delaware Home Performance program within 90 days of your rebate reservation confirmation else your rebate reservation will expire.

Energize Delaware now offers financing to help property owners move forward with energy efficiency projects.

Ready to schedule your Home Energy Audit? Contact one of our participating contractors or click here to request an appointment with an Energy Advisor.

Rebate Reservation System - Click here to learn more about the rebate reservation system that your Energy Advisor or participating contractor will submit.

***To qualify for the up to $6,750 in rebates, the Home Energy Audit must be completed and the rebate reservation secured by December 31, 2017. To qualify for eligible rebates, your program-approved contractor must submit documentation of the completed project within 90 days of your reservation confirmation.

**To qualify for the up to $7,825 in rebates, the Home Energy Audit and Program compliant Home Performance work including HVAC measures must be secured by a rebate reservation as of December 31, 2017.