Affordable Multifamily Housing Program

The Energize Delaware Affordable Multifamily Housing Program helps building owners identify, plan, and implement energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades in existing buildings and new construction projects.

Developed by DESEU, New Ecology, Inc , and Elevate Energy , the program provides technical assistance, financial incentives, and low-cost financing to help multifamily building owners make energy efficiency and renewable energy investments that save money on operating costs, reduce energy use, and improve the living environment for residents.

The Program offers a customized, whole-building approach that addresses all utilities (electricity, gas, oil, propane, etc.) and pursues common area and in-unit upgrades of the following equipment and systems (as applicable):

  • Building envelope (air sealing, insulation);
  • HVAC and hot water equipment;
  • In-unit and common area lighting;
  • Energy saving appliances;
  • Renewable energy generation (solar PV, solar thermal, geothermal, etc.);
  • Qualified health and safety measures;
  • Water saving fixtures and equipment.

Eligible projects must be affordable multifamily residential properties with 5 or more units. “Affordable” is defined as any property receiving assistance from a government housing program or charging rents no higher than the DSHA Payment Standards . Owners of properties not assisted by a government program will be required to certify that rents do not exceed these limits for a majority of households in the property.

For more information and to ask questions, contact Patrick Coleman, Program Manager, at or 302-300-4321.

New Ecology, Inc . and Elevate Energy , nationally-recognized experts in multifamily building energy performance, administer the program