Wilmington Couple Receives Over $4,000 for Home Upgrades

Savings and Comfort Improved Immediately After Participation in Home Performance Program

After stints in Ohio, Massachusetts, New York and the Netherlands, Mark and Tracy Hagerty settled into their Wilmington home, where they’ve lived for the past 30 years. Both are transitioning into work-from-home careers, so having a comfortable, energy-efficient home is a priority. But the advanced age of their home’s mechanical systems was causing comfort problems during the winter and in upstairs rooms.

At the recommendation of their daughter, who had completed energy efficiency upgrades in her home in Rhode Island, the Hagertys scheduled a home energy audit with Energize Delaware’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program.

Joe Turtoro, an energy advisor with Energize Delaware, connected the Hagertys with a contractor, who met the couple at their home. The contractor performed various diagnostic tests using state-of-the-art equipment to identify air leaks and evaluate the home’s energy efficiency.


The homeowners received a customized report summarizing the audit’s findings, which revealed insufficient air sealing and insulation. The audit also showed that the home’s air conditioning system, water heater and flue would need to be replaced as well to achieve peak energy performance.

“We had no idea how much energy we were losing or where we were losing it from,” said Mark. “We learned so much from the home energy audit.”

For example, Mark and Tracy had suspected that their home’s comfort problems were caused by inadequate sealing on their windows, which hadn’t been replaced in 20 years. However, the blower door test performed during the audit revealed that the windows were functioning properly.

“If we hadn’t scheduled a home energy audit, we might’ve spent thousands on replacing our windows, with minimal benefits to show for it,” Mark said.

Based on the recommendations from their energy audit, the Hagertys decided to move ahead with air sealing their home, adding insulation, installing a high-efficiency air conditioning system and water heater and replacing the flue in their chimney. By applying for rebates through Energize Delaware, they were able to save $4,225, or roughly 25 percent of the total cost. According to Mark, they expect a return on their investment within five years thanks to reduced energy costs.

“We noticed improved comfort right away,” said Mark. “We also try to be conscious of the environment, so there’s an additional feeling of satisfaction that less energy is being wasted.”

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