Faith Efficiencies Partnership

Sustainable Energy Utility and Delaware Interfaith Power and Light Faith Efficiencies Partnership

The Faith Efficiencies program provides a wide range of energy resources including energy audits, remediation strategies, funding options and ongoing cost-saving energy education to faith communities throughout the state.

This year, the DESEU will increase funding for DeIPL to serve twice as many faith communities, offer design and establishment of Energy/Earth Care educational displays and coordination of the systems to support them.

The mission of the DeIPL is to rally faith communities to address causes and impacts of climate change. “Our shared goal is to provide education and resources to expand the use of energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy strategies throughout the state,” says Lisa Locke, DeIPL Executive Director.

Program objectives include:

  • Lowering energy costs
  • Improving building operations
  • Increasing comfort levels
  • Providing healthier environments
  • Raising community awareness

Participating faith communities will receive:

  • A comprehensive energy audit, 90% funded by the DESEU
  • Detailed energy improvements ranked by the highest rate of return on investment
  • Financial Incentive Advice on low-interest financing or grants available

Educational forums geared to each congregation will feature the DESEU’s Home Performance with Energy Star program .

John Mears, Green Team co-chair at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Lewes, is part of a team approach to conserving energy. “Our energy audit through the Faith Efficiencies program was in response to The Episcopal Church’s Genesis Covenant goal of reducing our carbon footprint by 50% in ten years. It enabled us to establish our base year, identify reductions we have already achieved and quantify costs, savings and resources to support additional efficiency upgrades.”

The total cost to the faith communities for all program services could be as low as $200, excluding remediation. Those interested should contact Lisa Locke at or (616) 914-1597. A program overview can be downloaded HERE . The agreement document can be downloaded by clicking HERE .

Delaware Interfaith Power & Light (DeIPL) is one of 40 state affiliates of Interfaith Power & Light, initiated in California in 1998. DeIPL was founded in 2011. Our shared mission is to provide a religious response to climate change through promotion of energy conservation, energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmental justice strategies.