Kent County Homeowner Recieves Nearly $5,000 In Rebates For Energy Upgrades

Participation in Assisted Home Performance Program Boosted Savings and Comfort

When Jim Napolitano checks his mail at the Kent County home he’s lived in for the last 32 years, anything that isn’t personal correspondence or a bill usually goes in the trash without a second thought. But one day last summer, a message from Energize Delaware caught his eye.

The message described the Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program, which consists of a comprehensive home energy audit and thousands of dollars in rebates that help cover the cost of energy efficiency upgrades. The program is available to income-qualified Delaware property owners and renters with their landlord’s permission.


As a senior on a fixed income, Napolitano recognized the value of boosting his home’s comfort and reducing his long-term energy use and costs. “I want to stay in this house as long as possible,” he said. “This program seemed like a great opportunity to see what was in working order and what needed to be upgraded.”

Joe Turtoro, an energy advisor with Energize Delaware, conducted Napolitano’s home energy audit and provided the homeowner with a customized report summarizing the findings. The audit revealed the need for a new heating system and attic insulation.

“My heater was over 20 years old, so I figured Joe would recommend upgrading that,” Napolitano said. “But I had no idea about the condition of my insulation. It turns out the insulation I did have was installed upside down! I learned a lot from the audit.”

When Napolitano had trouble finding contractors that met his needs, the Energize Delaware team assembled a group that could ensure the projects would be completed on time and within budget.

“The contractors Joe put me in contact with exceeded my expectations,” said Napolitano. “They were always professional, were always there when they said they would be and did a great job.”

After about three weeks of installation, the upgrades were complete. Thanks to rebates from Energize Delaware, Napolitano saved $4,983 on his new energy-efficient heating system and insulation.

“I try to do whatever I can to make my house more efficient and cost effective,” said Napolitano. “Thanks to Energize Delaware’s Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program, I can save a lot of money and live more comfortably, which allows me to spend my money on other things.”

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