Sustainable Investment Evaluation Program

medpiggybankdollar_1.jpg The Sustainable Investment Evaluation Progam is intended to reduce the risk of entering into Investment Grade Audits for State Agencies and School District by offering to pay for 50% of the cost of the audit up to $150,000 cash. This would subsidize a $300,000 audit. Using a 10 cents per square foot rule-of-thumb for the cost of an investment grade audit, this would fund an audit for a $3 million square foot building. Once the decision is made to move forward with DESEU project financing, the cost of the audit would then be rolled into the financing. If not, then the DESEU would pay their share of the audit costs. $1 million has been set aside for this program. The program would also identify demand for energy performance contracting financing and bond financing.

To download the Program Description and Application click HERE.

To find out more, call DESEU Executive Director Tony DePrima at 302-883-3048, or Email