2016 Performance Contracting Bond Issue

DESEU 2016 Energy Efficiency Bond Issue

The SEU is now accepting letters of interest from School Districts and State Agencies that are interested in funding Energy Savings Performance Contracts through a tax exempt bond issuance. The SEU is planning on issuing the bonds in the fall of 2016. Letters of interest can be sent via email to tony.deprima@deseu.org or you can call 302 883-3048 to discuss possible participation.


This Program Guidebook details the steps in the process. For a flow chart that gives you a visual understanding of the application click HERE.

You can also visit the Delaware Office of Management and Budget web page which provides form documents that are used for the bond financing by clicking HERE . You will need to scroll down to the Energy Performance Contracting section to find it.

Agencies and School Districts that participate in the program will have many advantages including:

  • Technical Advisors, also known as Independent Owners Representatives, will be made available for your agency to help guide you through the process. There is no expense for using our advisors. To download a list of Technical Advisors available for the program, click HERE.
  • Access to our financial and legal advisors. Their service fees are generally applied to the cost of the bond financing
  • Access to education and training services that are planned to help your organization through the process
  • Ability to apply for the DESEU’s Sustainable Investment Evaluation Program. The program is intended to reduce the risk of entering into Investment Grade Audits by offering to pay for 50% of the cost of the audit up to $150,000 cash, should your organization decide not to move forward with the recommendations of the audit. You can learn more about this program at: https://www.energizedelaware.org/Sustainable-Investment-Evaluation-Program/
  • Access to our low-interest loans for purposes of bridge financing or other support for the project if needed

Once a School District or State Agency expresses an interest, the DESEU will send a “Letter of Intent.” Once co-signed, it will provide you access to all of the benefits listed above.

The next steps after Letter of Intent is signed is to:

  1. Select one of the Pre-qualified Energy Service Companies (ESCO's) that can serve as your ESPC contractor. A list of pre-qualified ESCO's can be found by clicking HERE.
  2. Select one of the Technical Assistance Service Providers from the list above.
  3. Enter into an Investment Grade Audit Agreement with your selected ESCO. The form is located on the Delaware Office of Management and Budget web page and can be downloaded by clicking HERE. You will need to scroll down to the Energy Performance Contracting section to find it.