2016-2017 Performance Contracting Bond Issue

In 2016 the DESEU solicited "Letters of Interest" for Delaware schools districts and state agencies who may be interested in participating in the DESEU Tax Exempt Bond Financing for Energy Saving Performance Contracts. Three state agencies and three school districts are moving forward with the Bond Program.

The following documents explain the Bond Program policies and procedures. The Program Guidebook details the steps in the process, the Process Flow Chart provides a visual understanding of the application process, and the Delaware Office of Management and Budget web page hosts the various applications and agreements that are required to participate (look for Energy Performance Contracting Program).

Program Guidebook Process Flow Chart OMB Documents and Forms

Agencies and School Districts that participate in the program will have many advantages including:

  • Technical Advisors, also known as Independent Owners Representatives, will be made available for your agency to help guide you through the process. There is no expense for using our advisors. Download a list of Technical Advisors available for the program.
  • Access to our financial and legal advisors. Their service fees are generally applied to the cost of the bond financing
  • Access to education and training services that are planned to help your organization through the process