Board approves Delaware’s first Solar Resiliency Pilot Program

Date: May 10, 2016





Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility (DESEU) Board approves Delaware’s first Solar Resiliency Pilot Program

Dover, DE May 6, 2016
The Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility (DESEU) voted on March 17, 2016 to approve Delaware’s first-ever solar resiliency pilot program. The program will demonstrate the enhanced value created by coupling solar PV with energy storage technology for four Delaware-based program participants.

The participants, chosen from a larger pool of applicants, are First Baptist Church, New Castle; Selbyville Fire Department, Selbyville; Indian River Fire Department, Millsboro; and Aetna Fire Department, Newark. Gabel Associates serves as DESEU’s energy consultant for the design and implementation of the solar resiliency pilot program.

Each participant will enter into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with EZnergy and its financing partner, Edison Power Corporation, for a term of 15 years. The participants agree to purchase all of the electricity generated by the solar assets located on their property. This electricity is priced at a discount to electricity from the utility, lowering electric bills.

The participants save money and have the benefit of battery back-up, charged by the solar array, which provides electricity to specified circuits in their buildings in the event of a blackout. DESEU provides financial support for the project by purchasing all of the Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) from the project for fifteen years and
providing low cost capital.

“We’re excited to see these first projects complete and demonstrate something unique for the Delaware solar market,” noted Tony DePrima, Executive Director of DESEU. “The project will also provide real value for the participants – savings that go right to their bottom line, predictability on their electricity costs, and back-up capability that is not dependent on keeping fuel on the site, as is the case for traditional back-up generators.”

About Gabel Associates
Gabel Associates was selected by DESEU to serve as its energy consultant on the project and structure this progressive approach. Based in Highland Park, New Jersey, Gabel Associates is an energy consulting firm that provides specialized advice around energy issues. The firm also actively supports renewable energy projects. For additional information, please contact Tony DePrima, Executive Director of DESEU, at (302) 883 3038 or Pam Frank, Vice President of Gabel Associates, at (732) 296-0770.