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Delaware's Sustainable Energy Utility (SEU) is a unique nonprofit organization created to foster a sustainable energy future for the state. The SEU’s Oversight Board includes public, academic and private sector representatives who are responsible for overseeing the establishment and progress of SEU’s programs. These initiatives are designed to help residents and businesses save energy and money, create jobs and improve the environment through new, clean energy sources.

The nine-member board includes an impressive cross-section of leaders from across the state who have a wealth of experience in energy issues and who are committed to providing new and better ways for Delawareans to become more energy efficient.  The following by-laws were established in 2009.

Get to Know the Board!

Below are profiles of our Board Members.  Learn more about each member and their commitment to providing energy solutions for residents and businesses.
The Following Subcommittees were Established in 2012


Oversight Board

Senator Harris B. McDowell III, DESEU Oversight Board Chairman and Co-Founder






Senator Harris McDowell

Phone: (302) 577-8744

Email: Harris.McDowell@state.de.us



Kristopher E. Knight, DESEU Oversight Board Treasurer/Secretary

Kristopher Knight



Kristopher E. Knight

Phone: (302) 672-5503

Email: kristopher.knight@state.de.us

Nnamdi Chukwuocha, DESEU Oversight Board Member



Nnamdi Chukwuocha

Email: NnamdiChukwu@aol.com

Dr. Charles Gilbert Wagner, MD, DESEU Oversight Board Member



Dr. Charles Gilbert Wagner

Phone: (302) 381-0026

Email: docchuck@comcast.net

David Bonar, DESEU Oversight Board Member



 David Bonar

 Phone: (302) 577-5077

 Email: david.bonar@state.de.us

David Small, DESEU Oversight Board Member



David Small

Phone: (302) 739-9000

Email: david.small@state.de.us

Sean Finnigan, DESEU Oversight Board Member



Sean Finnegan

Phone: (302) 545-0903

Email: sean.finnegan@state.de.us

Syed Ismat Shah, DESEU Oversight Board Member



Syed Ismat Shah

Phone: (302) 831-1618

Email: ismat@udel.edu


Pamela Bakerian, DESEU Oversight Board Member




Pamela Bakerian

Phone: (302) 697-3183

Email: dfbadm@gmail.com

Joseph Schorah, DESEU Oversight Board Member

Joe Schorah




Joseph Schorah

(302) 584-8829

Email: jschorah19@icloud.com

W. Charles Paradee III, DESEU Oversight Board Member



Rep. W. Charles "Trey" Paradee III

Phone: (302) 744-4351

Email: trey.paradee@state.de.us

Dr. John Byrne, Honorary Board Member and Co-Founder



Dr. John Byrne

No contact info available