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Video: Energize Delaware for Business/Nonprofit Savings

Blue Rock's mascot Rocky has a new spring in his step and more money in his pockets ....all thanks to his energy-saving diet from Energize Delaware.
Recently the Wilmington Blue Rocks replaced 125 outdated fluorescent bulbs throughout the stadium with more efficient T5 bulbs. The upgrades earned them a $5,500 rebate and will reduce the facility’s lighting costs by more than 60 percent, yielding a return on investment in less than one year. 

The stadium plans to take advantage of additional Energize Delaware incentives for upgrades in the restaurant and concession areas.  “It was a no brainer,” said Blue Rocks assistant general manager Andrew Layman. "The process is very easy. The forms couldn't be simpler."

Can your business benefit from an energy diet? Let Energize Delaware's Efficiency Plus Business Program help you save on your monthly utility bills with financing to replace inefficient lighting, equipment and more.


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